It’s International Women’s Day and we want to shout out to all the fantastic ladies on #teamevoke!

We operate in the manufacturing and tech sector and are working hard to make sure our workforce is as balanced as we can, recognising that having a diverse team means that we work more effectively, fairly and produce products and services that appeal to a wide audience.

In the past few years our workforce has grown by over 50% and we have been delighted to see more women applying for our warehouse and production roles as well as design and technical positions. We have worked hard to make our new HQ welcoming and pleasant to work in and have established a number of channels to ensure staff feel rewarded and valued. So thank you to all the women, past and present, who have made Team Evoke what it is today. Here are a few in profile:

Jen Rothwell (front, centre): Jen is our Head of Installation and Support, managing a crucial function within the business and making sure our in-store installations, support and aftercare exceed our customer expectations. With a strong background in operations, Jen joined our Senior Management Team in recent years and was a key part of our operations restructure when we moved to our brand new premises.

Monika Musilova (back, second from right): Monika manages our product Quality Assurance, ensuring that everything that leaves our factory conforms to our rigorous standards. This attention to detail and organisation is the crucial last stage of our manufacturing process and makes sure we deliver the very best to our clients.

Jax Steele (front, far right): Jax is our Junior Software Developer, joining our growing software team at a crucial time to learn about and inform our software development offer. Jax is an active member of the coding community and brings a different perspective to the team. Given that half of the people that use our products are women, it makes sense that their way of thinking and behaving is represented in the development stages!

We know there’s more work to be done to continue to attract more women to different areas of the business, and we know that one of most crucial ways is to encourage women into design and technology from an early age. That’s why we’ve been working closely with Wirral Girls STEM partnership and the Big Bang North West to engage with local schools. Read more about our work here.