With the Covid pandemic having a dramatic impact on the sector, charities of all sizes are experiencing reduced donations across the board. High footfall areas such as railway stations, airports and shopping centres present charities with a fantastic opportunity to engage with the public, but using staff or volunteers is typically only possible a few days each year.

Embracing our latest fully unattended digital signage and interactive donation kiosks allows you to not only get your messages across, but importantly, collect donations quickly and efficiently 24 hours per day, 360 days of the year.

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Self-service kiosks are the perfect way for you to engage with the public wherever they may be, allowing you to market directly to them and, most importantly, accept donations by credit card.

We offer three main products to the charity sector, each of which can be tailored to your individual requirements, including the colour, over-printed graphics and choice of external marketing. All designs are constructed from high-quality steel and provide anchor points allowing the unit to be safely bolted to the floor if required.

Quick, safe & secure donations with
contactless payment

Contactless debit and credit card payments are now the de-facto choice for transactions of up to £45 across the UK, providing an incredibly convenient way for customers to pay for anything using a card, phone or even their watch.

In addition to being incredibly fast and secure, contactless payment additionally removes the need for volunteers and staff to collect and handle cash. This not only provides a much safer environment, but it also eliminates the hours of sorting and counting at the end of each day. Instead, each kiosk provides a simple report at the end of the day of how much it has taken. Customers wishing to donate simply select the amount they wish to pay, tap and go.

Digital signage

Digital signage can work in isolation or in tandem with your donation kiosk, allowing you to push powerful messaging, imagery and dynamic video content that helps drive awareness of your charity and increase donations.

Naturally, we don’t expect you to be updating screens on site, which is why we provide you with access to the evokeCloud platform, which allows you to change the messaging as often as you like and instantly push new content or schedule it to appear at a particular date and time – all from an Internet browser!

what we deliver

increased exposure

Typically installed in high footfall areas, digital signage and donation kiosks provide prominent exposure to hundreds of thousands of people every day.


A contactless credit card reader allows passers-by to donate in a few seconds. With digital donations, the cash is with you safely, securely and immediately!


Give users the choice to enter their contact details at the time of donation, building your contact lists and allowing you to engage in the future.


As every donation is digital, there is no cash to secure and count, providing you, your staff and your volunteers with a much safer environment in which to operate.

you can also expect …


Push different messaging to each device or change the delivery time to help you understand what resonates most and what gets the most engagement.


Using stand-alone digital signage on the screens of a donation kiosk gives you a unique opportunity to get your messaging and marketing across to the public.


Use our cloud-based software interface to understand how your devices are performing at a single location, multiple locations, or on a regional basis.


Spread the investment and benefits with fellow charities by co-branding your donation kiosks and allowing users to choose how to split their donation or splitting equally.

ThirdSector Fundraising Conference 2021

Evoke, Worldline, and Railway Children were delighted to host a session at this years ThirdSector Fundraising Conference where they were discussing the next generation of charity kiosks that have been designed to modernise the collection of funds within the charity sector. 


The Evoke charity solution is powered by evokeOS and evokeCloud, which together provide a seamless platform to setup, manage, control and update every device across every location.

create your own CHARITY experience

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