Customer counter

Control customer capacity, encourage social distancing & protect both customers and employees.

Introducing the new range of smarter digital solutions for a safer shopping experience. Our touch-free, automated digital solutions will allow you to re-open your business the right way.

Our new Customer Counter unit is the fastest and most reliable way to control footfall and mitigate risk in your business. The touch-free smart technology is flaxible and adaptable allowing you to futureproof against goverment guidelines and legislation. 

Safety Compliant

Maintain a competitive edge and future-proof your business with this automated, adaptable, smart digital solution.

Protect your assets

Free your business from unnecessary doubt and risk by deploying safe, smarter technology.


The digital kiosk presents a platform for both advertising & communication. Maximise ROI from increased in-person visits and ad revenue.


Customer Counter

The new EV Lite Customer Counter allows you to control customer capacity and protect your operation.

The simple STOP and GO traffic light system can be placed at any point of entrance and features an anonymous camera to monitor people entering and leaving the store allowing you to control footfall. The integrated, automatic hand sanitiser dispenser also ensures full antibacterial protection.

Several customer counter units can be linked over WiFi to cover multiple entrances taking away the requirement for staff on the door. The system can also be configured online to set customer limits for your premises.


Touch free opperation Front Vinyl Wrap
Easy to integrate Custom Branding
Proven hardware Rear Static Advertisement
22” Screen
Automatic & Contact-Free

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