Following team evoke’s successful foray onto the dancefloor last year with a group dance effort in support of Claire House does Strictly our intrepid Accounts and Payroll supervisor Fay is digging out her dancing shoes and taking part in this year’s event as half of one of the couples competing for the glitterball!

Taking place on Saturday 13th April in Liverpool’s Titanic Hotel, the event will see pairs of professional dancers and willing volunteers perform a choreographed routine in front of an audience of judges and paying spectators.

Fay signed up for the event almost 12 months ago and has undertaken a number of training sessions with her partner Michael and coach Chris. Fay and Michael have been rehearsing their quickstep routine over the past few months and plan to step up practice sessions in the coming days.

Speaking at evoke HQ this week, Fay said “I’m excited but nervous. It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this – for our group dance last year we had each other and we weren’t part of the competition. This year the pressure is really on. I’m excited to try on my costume for the first time in a few days and we’re going to be practising our lifts at every opportunity. In exchange for our participation and fundraising, Claire House has offered us an opportunity try something we’d never have been able to do otherwise, and I’m grateful for the chance to try something new and hopefully have a great time on the night”

Fay will be supported on the night be 20 friends and family and you can add your support here. Good luck Fay!