Hospitality experience

The hospitality sector has a successful and envious track record of using technology to both create efficiencies and improve the entire customer experience.

At Evoke, we’re fortunate to have worked on some of the highest profile and largest global rollouts in the sector that have set the benchmark for other industries to follow.

From powerful digital signage to the latest in interactive displays and self-service, the Evoke hospitality solution helps to create the most immersive experience possible for customers of all ages.

what do you want to do?

Create an immersive experience

Digital signage and interactive products create an immersive space where customers want to spend more time.

Reduce customer queuing time

Self-service results in much shorter wait times and a quicker shop encourages customers to return.

Connect all products

Sync multiple displays to create a huge digital canvas, which can wrap around floors, ceilings and walls.

Increase revenue

The immersive experiences, increased marketing and ease of access to products increases spend.

Better use in-store space

Replacing large checkout desks with free-standing self-service kiosks creates a more open, welcoming space.

Analyse customer behaviour

Monitor and analyse customer search and buying behaviour to inform pricing and targeted marketing activity.

Upsell more products

Promote product upgrades at self-service kiosks, with suggestions made based on buying behaviour.

Promote events & partner brands

Instantly promote campaigns and offer partner brands the opportunity to promote their products.

Manage devices remotely

View and control every device from our cloud-based interface, which can be accessed anywhere in the world.

discover Digital signage

Digital signage allows you to push powerful messaging, imagery and dynamic video content to your customers from the moment they enter your building. Doorways, escalators, promotional displays, checkouts and even external windows and walls are transformed into expansive digital canvases, giving you an opportunity to reach your customers like never before.


Self-service kiosks provide customers with a unique interactive buying experience, allowing them to browse, find and purchase products in a way that makes their experience quicker, smoother and more enjoyable.

INTERACT With your environment

Your customers are looking for more than a simple meal or a movie ticket; they’re looking for memorable encounters and entertainment.

Interactive experiences provide exactly that, drawing attention and creating a unique and dynamic environment.

They enable you to turn a space into a destination, making you a must-visit attraction and encouraging customers to return.


The Evoke hospitality solution is powered by evokeOS and evokeCloud, which together provide a seamless platform to setup, manage, control and update every device across every location.

create your own hospitality experience

To find out more about how Evoke can create an engaging digital experience for you, drop us your details and we’ll get back to you.

success story

In an evolving quick service restaurant (QSR) market with growing competition and increasingly tech-savvy consumers, McDonald’s has to be at the cutting edge of innovation, hence launching their Experience of the Future initiative, which combines restaurant and digital transformation to create a modern dining experience.