Our ability to not only design original solutions, but also manufacturer, deliver and support them is incredibly important to us, which is why we have always invested heavily in our in-house team and on-site production capabilities.

Every single Evoke product is designed, assembled, tested and quality checked directly from our 50,000 sq ft Liverpool-based HQ, which gives us complete confidence that the products you receive have been crafted to the highest possible quality. It is a unique arrangement, but having our design and production teams able to work together in the same facility allows us to move from concept artwork to prototype and production exceptionally quickly.

Of course, hardware is only part of the final solution, which is why the evokeCloud and evokeOS software products are also developed and supported from the very same location!


We work closely with our customers and partners at the earliest possible stage in a project to understand what the use case, what the problem to be solved really is and major considerations that will be part of the final design. At this stage we run through multiple scenarios and will involve members of our design, software and production teams to provide input.


Evoke started life as a design studio and this background forms a deep and significant part of every ODM project we undertake. We believe that every product we produce should be perfectly designed for the task but also carry an aesthetic that is inline with your brand and the environment in which it will be used.

At this important stage in the process our teams work to produce conceptual designs and visualisations that show not only what the finished product could like, but how it will work.


Visualising a product on-screen, or even in VR, is a great way to fine-tune a design, but nothing beats having a full-scale replica model or working prototype. 

Every production process we use, from laser cutting and welding to paint and finishing is all handled on-site and controlled by our own teams. This gives us the capability to rapidly turnaround prototypes to production quality, ready for testing with real people in real environments.


Every product we produce is controlled by our evokeOS platform, which handles the integration of all of the components and manages the health of the device. On top of this lives the user interface, which can be completely bespoke to your requirements.

Our internal software teams work in tandem with our hardware design and production teams to ensure that integration is seamless – both with our our evokeCloud configuration tool and your own backend systems.


Our in-house fabrication and production capabilities produce hundreds of kiosks, digital signs, returns units and lockers every single day, with everything under our control. This gives us the ability to easily ramp up or down production based on your requirements and have product ready to ship worldwide incredibly quickly.

For product destined for the US market, we also offer final build and configuration from our US facility.


Before shipping, every single product is fully inspected, tested and quality approved, including a full software shakedown and, where necessary, golden build and configuration applied. This final step ensures that products are ready to be activated on-site once they are installed.

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