Custom designed outdoor parking kiosk with built in Core platform allows car park users to check and validate their parking. Low-impact solution to prevent exploitation of car park spaces by non-customers without the need for barriers or ticket booths.

Tesco partnered with Nexus Parking Services to deliver their parking solution and create a seamless, positive experience for customers. Our experience manufacturing in store kiosks for Tesco meant we were first choice to implement their car parking solution too.



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Purpose designed hardware and software for advanced parking system

Tesco needed a hard-wearing, easy to use solution that fitted with their brand and presented a straightforward experience for all customers using their car park. Our custom-designed parking kiosk includes our Core platform as standard which links to a great-looking on-screen app with clear instructions and simple integration with the parking company’s back end systems.

Our Core/Parking software application works directly with the existing back end system, linking automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and GDPR-compliant records to deliver a front end user experience that is simple to use and looks great.

Using real time ANPR, integrated with our simple user interface, customers are asked to input their registration/ license plate number and are then presented with an image of their car for validation. Customers then scan the barcode on their parking voucher and are verified. They can then exit the car park as normal.

One of the key factors behind the decision to implement parking kiosks was to automate a resource-heavy function while avoiding barriers or ticket booths – ensuring that the car park remains accessible while putting a fair-use system in place.

The simple, user friendly kiosk and application ensure that customers are given clear instructions and a positive experience at the end of their visit to the store. Tesco were also able to ensure all car park users completed a transaction in store, increasing revenues and keeping car parks in locations with high demand for parking (city centres, near railways stations) available for customer use.

High bright screens and purpose designed hardware ensure the units are hardwearing and resilient, providing a long-term solution for parking. Added functionality for parking kiosks such as digital signage when idle, and custom loyalty offers helps to generate additional ROI.

Parking kiosks come with a range of options including contactless payment, printing, digital signage and custom branding. Take a look at our parking solutions.

Today, the parking solution is in operation at key sites across the Tesco estate, serving stores 24/7.

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