TESSUTI opened their first store in Chester in 1985. Since their inception, they have often been regarded as one of the best places to go for premium high-end designer fashion brands. There are now 34 TESSUTI stores in the UK, many of which are unique in their retail design, and brand mix, making them a go-to retail destination, for the style conscious, brand-savvy consumer.

Premium Flagship

When TESSUTI wanted to create their new brand flagship in Liverpool, they set out to create a high spec, premium retail experience that elevated brand impact, forged a stronger connection with the consumer and established a close link with the iconic city of Liverpool.

TESSUTI have been a long-term client of evoke. When we got the call to discuss the initial plans for the project, we were excited to share their ambition. We knew from the outset, that expectations to support TESSUTI deliver a best-in-class digital retail experience were high.

We worked closely with the brand to ensure that this flagship store would deliver the strongest digital impact, to a standard that would be anything but ordinary. The team at TESSUTI wanted innovative digital signage, to help define store identity and we were ready to exceed expectations.

Every digital touchpoint we provided, needed to seamlessly integrate itself into the store aesthetic. For every element, we provided consultative guidance on what could be achieved and how it can be delivered. It was important that every digital tool we provided, harmonized with the overall retail aesthetic – enhancing spatial design, improving ease of shop, and to encourage positive consumer dwell time.



Design, Consult, Innovation, Manufacture, Integration & Install


Digital signage, Large format LED, Ordering kiosk.

Digital Journey

For the store exterior, we were asked to deliver a digital aesthetic, that was more than just the usual, LED screens in a window. We worked closely with the store design team to deliver a set of three, two storey-high LED screens that arched over the façade – these screens helped deliver a connected atmosphere in each window, with triggered content changing the overall environment and aesthetic, depending on what the feature content may be.

Throughout the store we delivered several large and small format digital touch-points, specifically placed to deliver the most impact. The cylindrical screens we installed, were wrapped around structural columns throughout the store, creating opportunity for brand and category messaging to be delivered in an innovative way.

A key feature that makes the digital impact of this retail space so appealing, is the way that the digital touch-points, are not only integrated (and integral) to the store aesthetic, it’s the way the screen content has been created and synchronised – to ensure that the consumer receives a harmonised brand journey through the store, with digital leading and engaging them on their way.


With a project of this size and scope, it’s hard to pick out a feature that really delivers impact and creates atmosphere. Often its always a digital feature that’s the most disruptive. In this case, it’s definitely the 40m2 LED screen that looms above the central atrium. This LED features delivers atmosphere, creating a mood and atmosphere that unites the overall aesthetic of the store, whilst reflecting the season, or time of day outside the store. A digital feature of this sort isn’t about running as many brand or promotional messages as possible – its purpose out-weighs it’s capability, by focusing on mood and atmosphere, it helps to create a retail space that the consumer finds engaging, welcoming and comfortable to spend time in.


At a time when physical retail must deliver engagement and impact at the point of purchase, to compete with the challenge of ecommerce competitors. TESSUTI have more than delivered with their objective to create an impactful, premium and personal flagship store to engage, surprise and delight their consumer.

We at evoke are delighted with the results – and our clients at TESSUTI are too.

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