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We’ve been working with leading brands in the retail sector for well over a decade and during that time have developed a range of solutions that transform the in-store experience and let customers engage with brands in completely new and exciting ways.

From powerful digital signage to the latest in interactive displays and self-service, the Evoke retail solution provides the most immersive experience possible for consumers of all ages.


Self-service kiosks provide your in-store customers with a uniquely interactive way to browse, find and purchase products. With an incredibly small footprint, they are the perfect way to supplement your sales staff, while making your customers shopping journey more interactive, quicker, smoother and more enjoyable.

JD Sports have attributed over £250 million growth in revenue to in-store digital solutions


Our smart return unit bridges the gap between online sales and the in-store experience, by allowing your customers to return their items quickly and conveniently any time they visit.

The customer simply confirms their identity and places the items to be returned in the tray. Each item is optionally scanned before being deposited into a secure locker, accessible by the staff. 

success stories

what we deliver

an immersive IN-STORE experience

The instant impact digital signage, both in store and out, creates a completely immersive space.

an increase in CUSTOMER spend

Dynamically marketing your products and create a unique in-store experience to upsell.


Promote upgrades during the discovery and checkout process, with personal suggestions made based on product selection.

run in-store special events

Instantly promote upcoming special events, VIP guest visits and seasonal campaigns across all your in-store devices.

ReduceD queuing times

Self-service kiosks provide much shorter wait times, a speedier shopping experience and encourages repeat business.

Better use OF your in-store space

Replacing checkout desks with kiosks completely opens up the space, giving you more opportunity to merchandise.


Offer your partners the opportunity to use your
in-store space to dynamically promote their products.


Sync multiple displays to create expansive digital canvases which can wrap around floors, ceilings and walls.

create your own retail experience

To find out more about how Evoke can create an engaging digital experience for you, drop us your details and we’ll get back to you.