Evoke work with some of the leading brands within the retail sector, and for well over a decade have been developing and deploying solutions that transform the entire customer journey, blending the online and in-store experience seamlessly.  Working with us will help you engage your customers in a completely new and exciting way.

From powerful digital signage, indoor and outdoor LED tiled displays, large format video walls, self-service kiosks, click and collect and RFID solutions, the Evoke retail portfolio provides the most immersive end to end customer experience.


Manage and control every device in store through a single online interface

Large format displays

Push your brand messaging and attract customers into the store with vivid large-scale displays

Digital signage

Create an immersive retail experience with dynamic content displayed around the store

Self-service kiosks

A truly interactive way to give customers the chance to discover, browse and make purchases

Click & collect

The perfect omni-channel add-on, allowing for in-store collection of items ordered online

Customer returns 

Make it simple for customers to return items in-store without having to queue for a member of staff

JD Sports have attributed over £250 million growth in revenue to in-store digital solutions


Large format displays give you a blank digital canvas on which to promote your brand in-store and externally, giving you the ability to engage directly with passing customers. 

Completely flexible in design, our displays can be mounted on almost any surface, bent around corners and be grouped to create massive digital spaces – all managed and instantly updatable through the evokeCloud remote interface.


Create truly engaging spaces, with dynamic, vibrant content becoming an integrated part of the merchandising. 

Add dynamic backdrops, wrap-arounds, digital podiums and more, all of which can be connected to show common messaging or dynamically changed based on shopper interactions


Create a unique opportunity to promote new products & upsell purchases during the discovery & checkout process.

Introducing self-service kiosks can result in much shorter wait times, a speedier shopping experience and is proven to encourage repeat business.


As more retailers look to bridge the gap between online and in-store interactions, click & collect presents you with the perfect solution to automate in-store collections, making it more convenient for customers and staff alike.

Customers interact with the large touch-screen interface that allows them to confirm their identity before a corresponding locker door opens, revealing their purchases ready to take away.


In-store returns are, for many, a necessary evil as they take up valuable staff time and often result in a poor customer experience – as shoppers are forced to wait inline with those looking to make a purchase.

Our in-store returns kiosk is the perfect solution, providing a quick, convenient and secure method for customers to identify themselves and return their items.


Our solutions are all powered by evokeOS and evokeCloud, which together provide a seamless platform to setup, manage, control and update every device across every location.

you too could benefit from

an immersive IN-STORE experience

The instant impact digital signage, both in store and out, creates a completely immersive space.

an increase in CUSTOMER spend

Dynamically marketing your products and create a unique in-store experience to upsell.


Promote upgrades during the discovery and checkout process, with personal suggestions made based on product selection.

run in-store special events

Instantly promote upcoming special events, VIP guest visits and seasonal campaigns across all your in-store devices.

ReduceD queuing times

Self-service kiosks provide much shorter wait times, a speedier shopping experience and encourages repeat business.

Better use OF your in-store space

Replacing checkout desks with kiosks completely opens up the space, giving you more opportunity to merchandise.


Offer your partners the opportunity to take advantage of your in-store space to dynamically promote their products.


Sync multiple displays to create expansive digital canvases which can wrap around floors, ceilings and walls.

JD Sports

Creating a completely immersive in-store experience for the customer.


Brand reinforcement from the moment a customer approaches the store.

Cambridge building society

Full in-store digital transformation for this forward-thinking building society.

want to learn more?

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