Temperature Check Station

Protect your operation, staff and customers

Introducing the new range of smarter digital solutions for a safer shopping experience. Our touch-free, automated digital solutions will allow you to re-open your business the right way.

The new Temperature Check Station is the missing link between health and safety compliance and your business continuing to thrive. This automatic temperature check station allows you to manage and minimise risk with precise, accurate results.


Smart, sanitised digital solutions futureproof your business against potential future legislation, as well as exploring new ways of working.


Reopen the right way with automated temperature checks, and make sure you safeguard the wellbeing of all personnel who visit your business.


The contact-free automated system generates a reading in under 3 seconds, as well as being accurate to +/- 0.5°C.


Temperature Check Station

Screen customers and staff at the point of entry using our contact-free automatic temperature check station. This new fully automated equipment combines necessary precaution with futureproof digital solutions.

Face detection technology reminds a user to wear a mask if not already and provides a reading in less than 3 seconds. Readings are accurate to within +/- 0.5°C.

Demonstrate your responsibility as a market leader, and don’t take unnecessary risks.


<3 Second Detection Rate Front Vinyl Wrap
Infra-Red Technology Custom Branding
Accurate to Within +/- 0.5°C Rear Static Advertisment
15” Screen
Automatic & Contact-Free

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