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How can shops use digital display screens effectively?


Digital display screens are a common sight nowadays. Reaching more customers than Facebook or the internet (yes, you read that right) in certain parts of the Western world, digital display screens are an immediate and effective way in which to communicate to consumers. It’s no surprise then that our high streets are often digitised, with permanent digital signage displayed whatever the weather. Despite this – or perhaps because of it –  not all this digital signage can be truly effective! As a leading digital signage manufacturer, Evoke Creative often advise our customers on the most effective ways in which they can use their digital display screens. 



Clear Content 

If you’re trying to use digital display screens, be sure on what it is you’re trying to do! A clearly-defined goal will help to ensure that your content accurately reflects both the aim of your campaign and its surroundings. Are you trying to sell a certain product, boost sales of a certain range or promote a limited-time offer? In addition, clients should take the directive of ‘clear content’ literally: clear, bold and minimal text helps to reinforce brand awareness and messaging without overcrowding the digital display screen. 



Know Your Audience

As with any form of advertising, knowing your audience is absolutely crucial in order to make the most of your digital display screens. If you are unable to recognise your audience’s goals, achievements and struggles, you will not be able to create effective advertising which appeals to that demographic. This is all-the-more important in digital display screens, which tend to be large in scale and play on a frequent loop: if you get the tone or the visuals of the advert wrong, there won’t be a quick fix before it’s seen by hundreds of people. So be sure to get the tone right, first time, for an effective display screen. 



Minimal Movement

With digital display screens, retailers are often tempted to incorporate lots of movement to aim for a visually striking and memorable piece of content. However, given that the eye is naturally drawn to movement, too much of it can create confusion: particularly given that the attention span of the average person is approximately just eight seconds, according to a 2015 study from Microsoft. This means you need to engage effectively and quickly – not put your customers off with rapid movement that they cannot process in time! 


Call (Them) To Action

Very few campaigns are able to utilise these digital display screens effectively without incorporating a call-to-action at some stage. Arguably, campaigns which do not incorporate a call-to-action are not making the most of their resources: a call-to-action which clearly states ‘Follow us on Facebook’ or ‘Visit us in store today!’ is far more likely to generate the specific results you want than a generic advertisement for your business. 



Have Fun 

Don’t forget – digital display screens are there to engage and delight your customers! Don’t waste the opportunity to use your digital display screen in a fun, original and innovative way: today’s customers are ever-more responsive to being entertained by their chosen organisations and shops. Make the most of this current climate of light, friendly and effective advertising, to get the most value from your digital display screens.


To discuss how you can use digital display screens effectively, please get in touch with our team and one of our friendly experts will be more than happy to advise you.