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The best digital kiosks to reduce overheads for convenience stores

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Reducing overheads. When you’re running a convenience store, it’s likely that this is your primary focus. Of course, certain cost-cutting measures are easier said than done; and often counteract attempts to streamline and refine business practices. It may also be the case that in reducing costs, you’ve considered limiting stock or cutting staff – neither options you want to have to undertake in a competitive business climate! An ideal option to reduce overheads for convenience stores is to implement digital kiosks, which can have an enormously positive impact when it comes to minimising spend as well as maximising revenue. With this guide from Evoke Creative, we explore the benefits of digital kiosks for convenience stores, as well as the best digital solutions to cut costs.


Benefits of digital kiosks for convenience stores


Digital kiosks hold multiple benefits for smaller retailers like convenience stores, despite the commonly-held belief that it is only larger retailers who are able to utilise digital solutions like this. In fact, digital kiosks can cut costs for even smaller organisations and chains, who can then concentrate on growing their businesses by cutting out unnecessary spending. These cost reductions can come as kiosks form a supplementary resource to your staff. 


Rather than acting as a substitute for employees (as we all know, real people in-store are an invaluable resource to your customers!), something digital kiosks excel at is the handling of mundane, routine tasks. By outsourcing and automatic routine and simple tasks to machinery, implementing digital kiosks frees up your employees to process more customers, thus bringing in more revenue, and to handle more complex inquiries, speeding up the time each customer takes to process. 


Digital kiosks can additionally assist in revenue for convenience stores by acting as a promotional tool with which to upsell offers or new product ranges. This can effectively cut costs for retailers by shifting unnecessary stock, as well as directing customer attention towards items the retailer wishes to promote.


In addition, digital kiosks, as we have explored in a previous blog post, have multiple advantages for smaller retailers is not only cost-cutting but increasing customer satisfaction! Invaluable for small businesses, this allows face-to-face time with your customers to be maximised and the employees themselves to gain increased job satisfaction, from undertaking meaningful and engaging tasks. 


The best self-service kiosks available to minimise spending 


So, what are the best digital kiosks available for convenience stores to control their overhead spending? Here at Evoke, we have several specifically-designed product ranges which are able to help convenience stores reduce costs, maximise profits and boost your business. 



This versatile 27 inch self-service kiosk can be used for ordering, checkout, browsing and messaging. Functions which make the EV Serve ideal for retail use in convenience stores include express checkout, loyalty, feedback and customer service.


EV flow

The EV flow is 22 inches and delightfully flexible! Floor mounted, wall mounted, desk mounted - different colour ways and styles, and lots of different integrations (hardware and software) the Flow is perfect if you really need that space saving flexibility. 



This versatile self-service kiosk incorporates the functionality of the EV Duo in an exceptionally slimline design, which means that it is ideal for use in small retail organisations like convenience stores, as it maximises the space available whilst permitting multi-functional use. 


View our entire range of kiosks.


To examine the rest of our range of digital kiosks available or to speak with one of our experts, simply get in touch with us at Evoke Creative and we’ll be more than happy to consult with you on digital solutions to keep your overheads low and your profits high!