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What are the different options for a digital kiosk?


Digital solutions are fast becoming the answer to age-old problems of achieving consistently excellent customer service, as well as communicating quickly and concisely with an audience. When was the last time you noticed a digital signage solution? If you’re casting your mind back to the huge signs on the high street, you’ve probably already forgotten about the self check-out kiosk you used at the supermarket on the way there. Certain types of digital solutions, like digital kiosks, have successfully blended seamlessly in with our daily lives to such an extent that we barely notice them as intelligent digital solutions.

So, what are the different options for digital kiosks? These can vary depending on your retail needs. Whether you want freestanding digital kiosks or wall mounted digital kiosks depends on your space available; whether the kiosks are suitable for outdoor or indoor usage depends on the product or service your organisation is selling, and many other variants which can change dependent on your needs.


Freestanding vs. Wall-Mounted Digital Kiosk


Freestanding kiosks are a popular choice for those with a little more space: as seen in our partnership with fast-food retailer McDonalds. Freestanding kiosks can offer advantages in terms of design, too: a sleek and popular choice, like our EV Serve range which offers modular, adaptable kiosks. 


Wall-mounted is an ideal choice for those with limited floor space, allowing your kiosks to be mounted next to one another against the walls of your building. In addition, wall-mounted kiosks which are separated with dividers are an ideal choice where security is a concern: for instance, at a doctors’ surgery or when inputting bank details to make payments. Our wall-mounted screens additionally have a compact and minimalist style which is inoffensive and blends seamlessly into any environment. 


Display vs. Touch screen kiosk 


Of course, the functionality of your screen depends on its use. Digital signage is used to a wide variety of different effects, and the screen involved may either simply display information/visuals or be an interactive touch screen where a user may perform transactions or seek information. Our digital display kiosks can be used for advertising, information purposes, or can be given the touch screen functionality to allow their self-service use in ticketing, parking, collection, and so on and so forth.


Outdoor vs. Indoor Kiosk 


A fairly straightforward distinction, this simply designates whether or not your kiosk is suitable for use outdoors or whether the design renders it for internal use. Internal use tends to be applicable to the majority of commercial interests we serve; as in restaurants, retailers, or cinemas. Outdoor kiosks are applicable to areas of the economy such as parking kiosks, in which the kiosks are exposed to the elements in some way and therefore need to be reinforced and constructed differently. 


Single vs. Double-sided Kiosk 


The choice between using a single-sided against a double-sided kiosk depends both on the space you have available and the footfall anticipated – that is, the amount of interaction you expect with the kiosk per day. For instance, in our work with McDonalds, there is a steady flow of customers each day, and thus it is more beneficial to maximise the value of the kiosk by doubling the amount of people that can use it at any one time. 


Our pre-set range of kiosks means there’s something suitable for all applications and environments: simply peruse our range of options to find the best kind of digital kiosk for you! 


To discuss the various options Evoke offer for your digital kiosk, please get in touch with us today, and one of our friendly experts will be more than happy to advise you!