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Foyer Kiosks – a great way for corporate engagement


Interactive kiosks have been helping businesses reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase revenue. Now more than ever, organisations are realising the value kiosks can have on enhancing employee engagement.


Ever changing company procedures and protocols can take weeks to learn and understand and can change instantly. Interactive kiosks can make employee training easier and more fluid by delivering and managing training sessions, displaying the latest corporation updates, and providing important information. This can all be done through foyer kiosks and the process requires minimal supervision, reducing the demand on existing staff.


An example of this is the visitor check-in and security kiosk evoke created for Google HQ offices. Since 2012 we have manufactured over 750 of our purpose-designed visitor check-in devices for Google HQ buildings around the world.


The bespoke visitor check-in solution works in harmony with the traditional reception desk, providing a range of advanced features that enhance corporate engagement. The kiosks provide an intuitive user journey combined with a unique hardware design. Our solution brings all the functionality of the check-in desk in a single intuitive digital solution. As well as increasing corporate engagement, the kiosk has the ability to sign in, take a picture, print off a visitor pass and read barcode & RFID cards in a modular desk-top, wall-mounted or free-standing unit. The self-contained kiosks alert staff that their guests have arrived, reduce waiting time at reception desks and manage visitor lists.