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JD / Nike Membership


JD Sports has announced a new partnership with Nike which will see the duo collaborate on a membership rewards programme designed to enhance customers’ shopping experience.

JD will be the first European retailer to work with Nike for its Connected Partnership concept, an integrated loyalty programme which will offer JD customers access to select member-only features.

Starting in the UK, the offer will be available for customers when they opt to link their JD and Nike membership accounts through JD’s mobile app.


The membership will give customers access to reward bonuses, curated collections and earlier access to select Nike products. In the future, members will also be able to benefit from exclusive experiences and services.


The new partnership builds on JD and Nike’s already existing relationship, with the duo stating in a release that they hope to redefine how brands and retailers work together for in-store and digital operations.



“This mutually beneficial partnership enhances our strong customer connections through best-in-class retail experiences and early access both in-store and online to a select range of additional Nike products,” said Régis Schultz, CEO of JD.


He continued: “It provides further opportunity to inspire the emerging generation of aspirational consumers, who can continue to feel confident that they are being offered the very best of Nike products when shopping at JD.”