Complete flexibility.

EV Serve is the most modular kiosk we’ve ever produced, designed to give you the flexibility to define the aesthetic, add the options you need and choose how it fits within your environment.


Beat the queues

Designed with Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) functionality in mind, this stylish kiosk is the perfect way for customers to browse meal choices, before paying and collecting their order.

The kiosk works perfectly as a stand-alone ordering unit, but even better with our complete QSR solution, that includes customer-facing confirmation screens and kitchen video screens.

Completely customisable

The modular design of EV Serve allows you to define how the kiosk should work in your environment.

Start with a base kiosk and choose which options work for you. You can add barcode readers, thermal printers and a range of chip & pin and contactless payment devices.

Perfect for open spaces

With the floor-standing base option attached, EV Serve is the perfect solution for open spaces where the small footprint takes up minimal space.

Completely secure, the kiosk includes a substantial plate base that can be permanently bolted in place, providing an elegant way to hide cables and avoid any tip or topple hazards.

EV Serve kiosks can be placed in whatever configuration works for your environment, including placing two units back-to-back, providing double the capability with only fractionally more floor space.




Save space with a wall-mount

The flexibility of EV Serve allows it to be securely mounted to a wall, providing a convenient way to hide connecting cables and providing a complete seamless experience.

Perfectly complimenting the free-standing version, the customer experience is exactly the same with all optional components located in exactly the same space on both.

Fancy a spot of retail therapy?

Part of the same product family, EV Selfcheck takes the flexibility of EV Serve and adds a range of options that completely enhance the retail shopping experience.

Choose from large bagging shelves, carrier bag hangers, weigh scales, and optional fitments.








create your own retail experience

To find out more about how Evoke can create an engaging digital experience for you, drop us your details and we’ll get back to you.