From years of experience working with large multinationals and small independents, Evoke have developed a range of products and solutions specifically targeting the food, beverage and hospitality sectors. We understand your operational challenges no matter what size, and can help you engage staff and customers alike with state of the art technology.

From digital menu boards, self-service kiosks, to drive thru lanes all powered by our cloud based software, Evoke’s hospitality portfolio and experience is second to none.

Manage and control every device across your locations through a single online interface
Extend your brand and your sales with vivid outdoor signage and listening posts that create a modern drive-thru experience
Digital signage
Create an immersive experience across your spaces with information, promotions, menus and more all displayed seamlessly
Self-service kiosks
Allow your customers to browse, interact and purchase your products in their own time with our range of kiosks
Interactive experiences
Turn static walls, floors and tables into digital surfaces that allow your customers to interact directly with the environment.

Over the last five years we’ve installed over 6,700 digital devices into McDonalds sites worldwide.


Offering your customers the ability to interact with your brand without leaving their car opens up a wealth of new sales and possibilities.

With dynamic, ultra bright external signage and HD quality listening posts that are designed to match your overall aesthetic, our drive-thru solutions bring the in-store experience outside.


Create truly engaging spaces inside & out, with dynamic, vibrant content becoming an integrated part of your design. 

Add dynamic backdrops, wrap-arounds, menu boards and more. All of which can be connected to show common messages or individually change based on customer interactions.


Allow your customers to browse, interact and purchase food, drinks, tickets and more in their own time with our range of free-standing and wall-mount kiosks.

Introducing self-service kiosks results in much shorter wait times, a speedier purchase experience and is proven to encourage repeat business.


Consumers today expect more from their days out; they’re looking for memorable encounters and entertainment. Interactive experiences provide exactly that, turning ordinary floors and tables into responsive media and games.

Interactive experiences enable you to turn a space into a destination, making your sites a must-visit attraction, increasing dwell time and encouraging customers to return.


Our solutions are all powered by evokeOS and evokeCloud, which together provide a seamless platform to setup, manage, control and update every device across every location.

you too could benefit from

an immersive customer experience

The instant impact digital signage, kiosks and interactive experiences creates a completely immersive space.

an increase in CUSTOMER spend

Offer meal deals and promotions to customers as they browse your products to increase overall spend amounts.


Promote upgrades during the discovery and checkout process, with personal suggestions made based on product selection.

easily run promotions

Instantly promote upcoming special events, deals or seasonal campaigns across all your in-store devices.

ReduceD queuing times

Self-service kiosks provide much shorter wait times, a speedier purchase experience and encourages repeat business.

order to kitchen visibility

Use customer-facing signage and backend kitchen displays to keep everyone informed of the order progress.


Offer your partners the opportunity to use your space to dynamically promote their products.


Sync multiple displays to create expansive digital canvases which can wrap around floors, ceilings and walls.


From self-service kiosks to drive-thru technology, our bespoke solutions have helped transform the customer experience.

Vue Cinemas

Self-service ticket and snacks kiosks improve the customer experience and streamline operations.


Advanced customer check-in solutions, improving operational efficiency and enhancing the visitor experience.

want to learn more?

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