Self-service kiosks provide customers with a unique interactive buying experience, allowing them to browse, find and purchase products in a way that makes their shopping journey quicker, smoother and more enjoyable.

Designed using our extensive knowledge and experience from tens of thousands of successful installations around the world, our durable and versatile products can be integrated straight into your store.

All our kiosks are fully customisable, with a wide range of colours, styling, payment and configuration options, to ensure they are a true extension of your brand. Naturally, each kiosk is connected to the evokeCloud platform, allowing you to monitor, inspect and configure the device from wherever you may be.







Tiny, but packs a powerful punch

The EV MINI is far from an entry-level kiosk as it packs a full interactive touchscreen and the same contactless chip & pin device as its bigger siblings. Perfect for positioning on a desk using the optional stand or securely mounting to a wall, this small but powerful kiosk is ideally suited to locations where space may be at a premium.

A modular and versatile unit to truly represent your brand

The EV Serve is our brand-new standalone kiosk for the hospitality sector. Its adaptable design permits the option for the kiosk to be floor standing, wall mounted, and desk mounted, providing the perfect integrated solution to create an impact from a distance. The highly modular and customisable kiosk allows you to choose how it looks, feels and operates, creating a true representation of your brand.

Large screen kiosk designed for engagement

The larger sibling of the EV Slimline 22, this versatile kiosk offers the same powerful features but with the addition of a larger 27″ touchscreen, giving you more space for your user interface and creating more impact from a distance. This outstanding self-service kiosk can be used for ordering, checkout, browsing or ticketing and integrates a wide range of peripherals into a compact footprint.

Flagship performance in a free-standing unit

One of our most popular kiosks, the EV slimline 22 is a modular, adaptable kiosk that is perfect for a range of indoor environments. The 22” touchscreen creates impact and has plenty of space for a clear call-to-action, while the unit is both highly customisable to truly represent your brand. This versatile self-service kiosk can be used for ordering, checkout, browsing or ticketing and integrates a wide range of peripherals into a compact footprint.

Twice the impact in a slimline package

The slimline sibling of EV Duo, this kiosk provides the same engaging experience but in a smaller, slimmer footprint. The two displays combine to create an engaging discovery and sales experience, allowing your customers to browse and purchase products on the interactive touchscreen while viewing supporting product information on the larger 27″ display.

The ultimate in engagement and upsell

EV Duo combines a fully interactive 22″ touchscreen interface with an engaging 43″ digital display that provides a hugely engaging experience. When not in use, the digital display can show images or video – all controlled remotely by evokeCloud and visible from a distance. Once the kiosk is in use, the large screen can provide supporting buying information based on products selected using the touchscreen.

Instant promotion & donation for charities

Charities are constantly looking for ways to engage with the public to support their message, while at the same time battling to secure the valuable donations needed to secure their future.

Give.Pod supports both of these challenges, by allowing charities to push dynamic image and video content to the large display and giving members of the public a simple way to make a ‘tap and go’ donation. 


Streamlined functionality with a small footprint

EV Sail Lite is a free-standing kiosk that has a minimal footprint, making it perfect for a range of indoor applications – from self-checkout to order collection. Available with a range of payment options, this kiosk is the perfect way to offer your customers an in-store discovery or shopping experience.

Powerful features in a rugged, outdoor package

EV Attend take the proven interactivity, marketing and payment  functionality from our kiosk range and packages it all up in a rugged and secure kiosk designed to be placed in tough outdoor conditions.

This versatile kiosk is perfect for ordering, click & collect, parking applications or venue ticketing, packing a wide range of features into a compact unit.

Bridging the gap between online and in-store

With an increased drive to create a seamless online and in-store experience for customers, EV Smart Collect gives your customers the ability to collect goods ordered online directly in-store. The modular design allows you to define the number and size of lockers available, ensuring that the system works with your entire range of products. Customers interact with the built-in touchscreen to confirm their identity, before the secure locker door is opened – allowing them to quickly retrieve their order.

Secure, automated and reliable customer returns

Handling customer returns in a necessary but cumbersome task for both in-store staff and the customer. EV Smart Return streamlines the entire process by allowing your customers to quickly and securely return good in-store.

Once identified using the built-in kiosk, the secure locker door is unlocked, allowing items to be placed inside, verified and then deposited in the bin below ready for staff collection. 


Every Evoke solution is powered by evokeOS and evokeCloud, which together provide a seamless platform to setup, manage, control and update every device across every location.


To find out more about the Evoke kiosk range, drop us your details and we’ll get back to you.