High Street Investment

Cambridge Building Society are investing in their high street presence. In a competitive marketplace where more and more customers are moving to online banking, staying relevant is key to their continued success so their physical locations need to work harder for them.


About the project

We consulted extensively with the team at Cambridge Building Society to identify their goals and pinch points  and created a suite of bespoke hardware and software to work perfectly with their design.

A three-year digital transformation programme began with a fully modernised test store and brand new flagship in Cambridge City Centre and customer satisfaction is at an all time high.



Design, Consult, Manufacture, Hardware, Software, Install, Implement, Support, Maintain


Self-service Kiosks, Digital Signage, Information Points, Bespoke User Interface

Seamless Integration

Initially staff and customers feared that technology would replace human interaction. With that in mind, we worked closely with the team to ensure technology was designed and installed in such a way that it improved and enhanced the experience.

  • Full store digital transformation
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Add new in store offers
  • Provide tools for staff to interact with customers
  • Advanced CMS for digital signage
  • Align with company branding

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