Streamlining visitor check in at Google HQ

Since 2012 we have manufactured over 750 of our purpose-designed visitor check-in devices for Google HQ buildings around the world.

Our devices are in use in 52 countries and have checked-in over 5 million visitors, handling 6000+ visitors every 24 hours. The kiosk has been a huge success and we continue to install units as Google extend their global reach and acquire new businesses.


About the project

Google’s number one objective: focus on the user and all else will follow. With this in mind, the first contact a visitor has at a Google office in any country must be straightforward and enjoyable.

Our bespoke vistitor check in solution works in harmony with the traditional reception desk, providing a range of features as well as a warm welcome.



Design, Consult, Upgrade, Manufacture


Purpose designed visitor check in and security kiosk for reception spaces at Google HQ offices worldwide.

The Google Effect

Working with security specialists Time Data Security we developed a cutting edge system to revolutionise the visitor check-in journey, bringing an improved user experience, improved efficiency and security across their global estate.

The kiosks provide an intuitive user journey combined with a unique hardware design – in keeping with Google’s famously tech-led office environments.

Our solution brings all the functionality of the check-in desk in a single intuitive digital solution.

The kiosk has the ability to sign in, take a picture, print off a visitor pass and read barcode & RFID cards in a modular desk-top, wall-mounted or free-standing unit.

The self-contained kiosks alert staff that their guests have arrived, reduce waiting time at reception desks and manage visitor lists.

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