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Known as the ‘Undisputed King of Trainers’, JD Sports has grown to become one of the most recognised sports retail brands in the world. With over 2,000 stores worldwide, JD puts their customer relationships and in-store experiences at the heart of everything they do.




JD Sports pride themselves on being ahead of the curve and the most recent digital marketing solution we delivered for them is exactly that. With 120 indoor and outdoor digital signage and interactive kiosks, the installation at JD’s flagship US store in Times Square, New York, is groundbreaking.


Evoke Cloud, our cloud-based management platform, is key to the solution. It enables the JD marketing team to manage every single digital devices from one interface. This means their head office-based staff can instantly push content to every single device, or schedule content to appear at a particular date and time, allowing the team to change its in-store marketing with ease.


From large-scale digital windows projecting messages directly into Times Square and a 10-metre high digital entrance portal, which acts as the centre piece of the store, to video walls, LED ticker tape displays, interactive kiosks and digital light boxes, we provided JD with a huge digital canvas that they have full control of at the click of a button.


Working with JD Sports



Our partnership with JD started in 2014 when, faced with the challenges of a rapidly changing retail industry, JD wanted to bring their products to life and create new cutting-edge experiences for their customers, ultimately boosting customer acquisition and retention.


Since then, we have supported the retailer with their digital transformation, installing over 3,000 digital devices in stores around the world, including Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.


In each store, we deliver the entire digital solution, from conceptual design to in-store installation, and work closely with JD’s teams to ensure a seamless process on a global scale.






A new standard for retail


We have helped JD create impactful digital encounters and an integrated shopping experience for their customers, with palpable results.


Over the last few years, they have reported exponential growth in revenue and they attribute £250-350 million to their in-store digital solutions. This is owing to several factors, including increasing footfall through outdoor digital signage, reducing in-store basket abandonment through our self-service initiative and enabling customers to order different sizes or out of stock items while they’re shopping in-store.


Our work with JD continues to develop and we’re proud to be helping them create powerful real-life shopping experiences that pave the way for retail innovation.



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