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Case Study: VUE Cinemas


Going to the cinema has been a popular pastime for decades, but it can be stressful. If you arrive at peak time, it’s easy to get held up in the ticket or snacks queue, forcing you to squeeze past your fellow cinema goers to access your seat and, in the worst case, you may even miss the start of the film.


Premium big screen experience


Vue Cinemas is changing this. As part of their ongoing commitment to enhance the overall customer experience, they commissioned Evoke to develop a state-of-the-art self-service ticket kiosk for their multiplex cinemas across the UK.


Working in conjunction with the Vue team, we designed and manufactured a unique new kiosk featuring a 32” touchscreen set in either a free-standing or wall mounted unit. The visually striking unit allows customers to purchase a ticket or collect a pre-booked one, reducing both queueing time and customer touchpoints.


Browse, select, pay and collect


Together with improving the customer experience, Vue Cinemas wanted to maximise their food and drink offering, which was often skipped by customers who were deterred by the long queue. The solution was simple. We built the ability to purchase snacks directly into the kiosk, enabling customers to order food and drink alongside their tickets and allowing Vue to upsell products, such as meal deals, add-ons and size upgrades. When a customer completes their order, the kiosk dispenses a receipt with their order number and they are notified when it’s ready for collection via an overhead digital screen.


The user-friendly interface gives customers time to browse the full menu at their leisure, rather than feeling pressured to order ahead of a long queue at the counter. This provides customers with more opportunity to view special offers, customise their order and be more adventurous in their choices, subsequently increasing the average basket size.


Breaking up the customer journey into a simple four-point process – browse, select, pay and collect – is key to the solution. It creates a more relaxed and manageable experience and gives the Vue team more time to prepare hot food and drinks instead of doing it while the customer (and the rest of the queue) is waiting at the counter.





Rolling out nationwide


This bespoke solution has been a real success, not only enhancing the customer experience, but also streamlining operations and boosting revenue. Taking pride of place at the entrance to Vue Cinemas’ flagship location at Leicester Square, as well as several other sites across the UK, the self-service kiosks are proving to be a hit with customers and staff alike.


Our partnership with Vue Cinemas continues to develop as the kiosks are now being installed at all their refurbished and new sites nationwide.



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