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Updating a single kiosk or digital sign in isolation is relatively simple but managing hundreds or thousands of devices located across multiple locations, or even in different time zones, becomes a huge challenge.

As an Evoke customer, you get two products that have been designed to work seamlessly together, providing you with a single cloud-based platform to manage your entire hardware estate.

It all begins with evokeOS, a small background app installed on thousands of pieces of our hardware, that interfaces with the local components, handles the user experience and keeps the content and apps up to date. This app syncs to our online platform, evokeCloud, which provides you with a user-friendly, cloud-based method to manage all your devices.

The combination of these two powerful products provides a platform that allows you to monitor, update and control your entire hardware estate whenever you choose and from wherever you may be.

Only with EVOKE do you get …

A single unified platform

Manage, control and configure every one of your devices from a single cloud-based interface.

Remote app updates

Remotely deploy app updates to your hardware out of hours to ensure everything remains up-to-date.

Allocated roles & permissions

Allow users to manage a single device, site or your entire estate, with granular permissions on what they can do.

Unlimited content

evokeCloud lets you upload and manage as many images, videos and adverts as you like.

Tight integration

Integrate with your existing back end systems through the evokeOS API – no matter how complex your estate.

Realtime reporting and alerts

Set up proactive reporting for key metrics that can be accessed or sent to you at any time, anywhere.


evokeCloud gives you a single, secure location to upload and manage all of your media, organising files into locations or campaigns ready to be pushed to your devices.

Content can be a single image, multiple images to be combined across devices or HD video.


Our display products provide a truly amazing “digital canvas” that present marketing teams with the ability to convey messages and push promotions like never before.

evokeCloud provides a seamless way to manage your images and video files in one place, choosing which devices should display the content, at what time and for how long. You can choose to operate displays in isolation, or group products together to act as a combined canvas.


Keeping your customer facing apps up to date is incredibly important, which is why we’ve included the ability to automatically push updates on a timed basis directly from evokeCloud.

Whether it be new features you are introducing or bug fixes, each kiosk can have updates pushed down and auto installed.


Any hardware that is in constant, daily use is susceptible to failures and so it’s incredibly important that every single component is constantly monitored.

evokeOS has powerful features built in that allow it to recognise the live state of every single element and provide a simple ‘heartbeat’ back to the evokeCloud platform. If a problem is found, you’ll be the first to know!


Our products work amazingly in isolation, but for a truly immersive customer experience they can be connected using the evokeCloud platform.

This allows customers using a discovery kiosk, for example, to select their footwear style and be immediately immersed in imagery and video relating to that product. 


already own screens or kiosks?

The powerful combination of evokeOS and evokeCloud gives you complete control over every device across your business, but what about existing digital signage or kiosks that you may have already have installed?

We’ve designed evokeOS to be as agnostic as possible, meaning we can install the app on most Android or Windows-based devices, even those not designed by Evoke. This powerful feature allows you to manage and control every single product from a single platform.


For most customers, Evoke provide a complete end-to-end solution, however, we recognise that you may wish to develop your own front-end application or use your existing third party developers.

For this reason, we expose all the hardware components via the evokeOS API, allowing you to interact with every single part of our kiosks using a simple, standardised interface.

Using the evokeOS API takes the complication of low-level drivers away from your front end application, while at the same time future proofing your code and providing connection to the evokeCloud platform for content and app updates.




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