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Bringing New Life Into Storage 



Midgard Self Storage is one of the top 25 storage solutions companies across the USA. With 90+ sites across the Southeast, Colorado and Indiana, Midgard is known for its attention to safety and security.

As Midgard continues to grow, its focus has been to create a clean and modern experience for its customers that they can replicate across future sites. 

The Opportunity

Purchasing a storage solution can be full of choices. Midgard wants to make purchasing storage as simple as possible. They want to make sure that from the moment a customer steps into one of their sites, they are reassured about the security of the site, and that they can find exactly what they need. 

Their sites are modern and clean, with bold digital screens carefully positioned to offer a variety of messages, from helpful information to seasonal offers, and opportunities to leave feedback, carefully linked to their customers’ journey. 

Midgard brought in Evoke to help refit their sites with new screens that replaced traditional paper static signs to help them offer personalized experiences for each of their sites. Along with the bold monitors, they invested in the easy-to-use Evoke Cloud platform, that lets you manage your digital estate from one single location, at any time, from anywhere.


In the click of a button


Deploying digital signage has given their marketing teams and their site staff some time back. Together, Midgard and Evoke reduced the usual cycle of print, deliver and set up, from 4 weeks to a click of a button. 


Now Midgard teams are able to spend their time developing perfectly timed campaigns, measure impact and update in real-time. They’ve cut out the costs around print and delivery and are investing in a new way of working that can be easily scaled up to new sites as they grow. 


“You can’t change posters out as often without going to a printer, getting it printed and getting it shipped to 90 different locations. It just becomes really tedious. With these monitors we can make new graphics, click a button and they are on throughout.” Brittany Hogue, Director of Product Management & Marketing








Getting creative


Midgard knows their customers are digital savvy in their daily lives and using screens opens up new opportunities for getting creative. From perfectly placed messages to encourage people for feedback to fun animations and videos that aim to delight and support their customers, Midgard are able to showcase their messaging in new ways. 


“They're eye-catching. When you walk by you're more likely to stop and read it if it's scrolling onto something, or there’s a moving graphic, versus just a poster that's standing sitting on the wall.” Brittany Hogue, Director of Product Management & Marketing



90 locations across 9 states 


Midgard have created a blueprint for their sites. They’ve rolled out their new signage across their 90 locations in 6 months, and as they continue to expand, they can make sure that all locations get the same Midgard treatment. For their signage, using Evoke Cloud lets them manage all their sites, at any time and from anywhere. A central dashboard means that their head office can troubleshoot and support their teams on site easily, helping them make sure that their customers get the same Midgard experience from anywhere. 


“What's nice about the dashboard is I can go in and see when a location might have a monitor down and then I can help troubleshoot.” Brittany Hogue, Director of Product Management & Marketing


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