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Behind the evoke HQ murals


If you’ve taken a look inside our brand new HQ, you might be wondering what the story is behind our wall art.

There are lots of crash test dummies dotted around the walls of our HQ. You might see them holding meetings, working at PCs, taking a phone call or at work in the factory. Wearing their trademark evoke green polo shirts, our team of murals were created by Graham Boyd of Absolutely Design.


Graham has long-standing connections with evoke – having co-founded the business in 2003 and held the post of Managing Director since, steering the company through rapid growth and expansion. Graham retired from day to day evoke business in 2017 but the remaining co-founders were very keen to involve Graham in the development of their new premises, due to open in early 2018.


On retirement, Graham was exploring ways to indulge his creative side and fill up some of his new-found free time. Having a keen interest in art and design, Graham turned his hand to wall murals and you can see the success of these at evoke HQ and a range of other local businesses!


The murals represent the diverse range of roles and disciplines that evoke staff undertake. Adding colour and interest to otherwise blank white walls, we see them as a welcome addition to team evoke and a great visual touchpoint for our brand.