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How can digital kiosks increase your revenue?


Digital kiosks have revolutionised the face of retail as we know it. For many, digital kiosks are seen simply as a convenient solution to problems of overworked staff, slow processes and a need for increased customer engagement. However, as well as providing solutions to all these issues, digital kiosks have another documented and unexpected bonus: a tangible increase in revenue. 

Though it may seem unlikely, digital kiosks have been proven to boost sales, maximise profits and cut costs, as well as being able to effectively promote offers and discounts. This means that not only are costs cut through their operation and deployment, but that in addition to reduced overheads, customers are able to take advantage of promotional deals like never before. All this combines to digital kiosks paving the way for increased revenue wherever they are deployed. Find out how, with Evoke Creative.


Boosted Sales

In many ways, digital kiosks act as a boost to sales purely through their capacity for information. Rather than using the time of an employee to process a transaction, check stock levels or resolve an issue, a digital kiosk can multitask and perform these tasks concurrently, efficiently and quickly. This has the dual effect of speeding up transactions as well as allowing employees to process other tasks or customers at the same time. 


This boosted customer engagement additionally increases client satisfaction, as it allows employees to help people who need assistance throughout the store, ensuring more customers are satisfied and return to the shop. 


Maximised Offers 

Another direct impact of digital kiosks on revenue is their use as a promotional platform through which to refocus customer attention on specific offers for products or deals. For instance, should the retailer wish to sell a certain amount of an item or a particular line of products, the digital kiosks can be used to draw customer attention to the sales or item, including its price and location. Indeed, these digital kiosks can be customised and updated daily with the status or remaining numbers of that item left in stock, in order to encourage the number of sales. 


Customers can additionally see and interact with information about the retailer and the product, including its provenance and ingredients, if applicable. This increased information is able to help push sales, which can reduce unnecessary stock as well as maximise profits. 

Cutting Costs 

Given that they both increase efficiency of transactions, processes and searches, at the same time that they free up employees to help customers, digital kiosks are a cost-effective addition to any organisation. In addition, as an alternative to over-hiring staff, self check-out kiosks have a high customer satisfaction rate due to their low error rate, efficiency and automation of processes. 

To speak to a member of our friendly team and find out how digital kiosks can increase revenue for your business or to learn more, please get in touch with us today and one of our experts will be more than happy to advise you.