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How can electronics stores use digital display solutions to increase basket spend?


Small and medium-sized retail stores using digital display solutions to increase basket spend is one of the defining characteristics of advertising and promotional offers in the modern age. Retailers, of almost any sector, have capitalised on the rise of digital display solutions in order to maximise their profits and reduce their outgoings, in an age of unparalleled digital assistance. In retail, it is perhaps fair to say that the most popularised use of digital display solutions we think of will be either digital self-service kiosks, or primarily aesthetic display screens which adorn larger clothing retailers. However, stores of all sizes are able to capitalise on this move towards digital display in various forms, shapes and sizes, no matter their specialism. This article from Evoke Creative explores the ways in which electronics stores can use digital display solutions to increase basket spend. 


Digital Display Screen Window


One of the first ways in which basket spend can be increased by digital display solutions is to implement a digital display screen in the window, to attract customers prior to their engagement with the store. Indeed, by displaying the newest product ranges in a window-based digital display screen, electronics retailers are able to display that they have in stock the long-awaited new phone, games console or set of headphones. This eye-catching solution promotes to passers-by that not only is the item available to purchase, it is there in store. This may advertise to customers entering the store for alternative purchases, thus increasing basket spend, as well as enticing visitors to the store who previously did not have any intention of doing so.  


Video Promotional Display 


Demonstrably, another way in which digital display solutions can maximise profits is in-store advertising, which has been proven to increase basket spend. Retail case studies have been undertaken of a major supermarket in the UK, Sainsbury’s, which demonstrated a sales uplift of 10% across all products promoted by in-store video promotion on digital display screens, as well as having recorded an average sales increase as high as 25% on certain products advertised in this manner. If undertaken in electronics stores, which conventionally have relatively high-value items in stock, such an increase could increase basket spend and effect a transformational uptick in profits. 


Digital Kiosks 


Digital kiosks are perhaps the most obvious way in which digital display solutions can increase basket spend in electronics and other retailers. These often self-service kiosks have an ability to not only promote engagement and increase basket spend through their ability to showcase new product ranges and display promotional deals or offers on certain goods, they can also be instrumental in the implementation of a loyalty or rewards scheme. Such a scheme, when automated, removes the pressure commonly interpreted with a human cashier to maximise promotional offers or activate rewards points: the perceived objectivity of a digital display screen facilitates a happier and more relaxed customer, who can take advantage of any great deals on offer.  


Multiple Messages, Flexible Advertising 


Digital display screens used in-store additionally allow for flexible and changing advertising campaigns to be displayed on-screen. Basket spend is increased thanks to the organisation’s ability to quickly change or remove a product they no longer wish to advertise; which can allow customers to feel they are seeing the latest and most up-to-the-minute information. For electronics stores, this flexibility and ability to reflect industry changes is essential as it demonstrates to your clientele that you are able to keep pace with the newest additions to the industry around you, as well as increasing basket spend by showcasing new products as soon as they arrive in store. 


Promoting New Forms of Engagement 


Finally, thanks to the digital nature of their industry, electronics stores perhaps have more pressure than other industries to have a strong and updated online presence. If taking advantage of digital display screens, electronics stores are able to promote newer forms of engagement with their customers: perhaps promoting social media pages where clients can speak to the brand as well as see the latest updates to product lines. This conversational dynamic is vital to the success of all brands; when your customers feel listened to, they will feel that all-important personal connection. Allow your customers to see your human side, with a digital display solution advertising all the ways they can engage with you should they wish to once they leave the store. 


At Evoke Creative, we want to help all of our clients increase their basket spend, so they can focus on growing and improving their business. If you would like to speak to one of our friendly experts about how you can grow your average spend with a digital display solution, simply get in touch with us today.