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Hospitality’s secret weapon: Why self-service kiosks work for independent restaurants too



We’re all now accustomed to using self-service kiosks at supermarkets, petrol pumps, libraries and, of course, to order our food within the big fast-food chains. But how many of us have used them in small chain or independent restaurants?

While it’s clear that self-service kiosks are revolutionising the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry for the world’s leading chains, it seems that most of their smaller counterparts are yet to capitalise on the opportunity.


What do kiosks therefore offer that traditional service can’t?

Firstly, self-service kiosks work around the clock and always offer the same consistent user experience. They enable you to serve more customers at once and minimise the amount of time it takes for them to place an order. This significantly reduces queues, which are a major turn-off for today’s consumers, who value speed and convenience.


Not only are transactions performed more quickly at a kiosk, but the private, pressure-free browsing experience is now favoured by customers and, combined with the ability to provide on-screen offers and upsell and cross-sell opportunities, kiosks are proven to increase the average order value by around 30%. Not only do kiosks never forget to upsell, but customers feel less social pressure when ordering from a screen, so they are more likely to explore different items on the menu, choose something they haven’t tried before, and select more items and add-ons.


It doesn’t stop there.

While kiosks take on the task of collecting and processing orders, your team has more time to focus on the good stuff – preparing the food and beverages, delivering an amazing service and looking after your customers. Some of the smaller restaurants we’re working with have now been able to transform their customer service by offering table service, allowing customers to browse and order via the kiosk, take a seat and then have the food delivered to them – providing customers with a speedier, more attentive and relaxed dining experience.


You still might not be convinced on how this model can be successfully applied to small chains and independents, but it’s not just the multinationals that are now embracing in-restaurant kiosks and digital signage.


One size can fit all

The main objection we hear from smaller restaurants and takeaways is cost. They believe they simply can’t afford to deploy self-service kiosks and digital signage solutions. But the underlying technology has advanced hugely over the last 3-5 years and increasing affordable options are now available, such as the Evoke EV Serve, which is designed specifically for the QSR sector. Did you know that to implement a kiosk costs less than the price of a large pizza per day?


The beauty of this kiosk is that it works perfectly as a standalone ordering unit and doesn’t have to be integrated with your existing POS, thus significantly reducing costs. Its versatility means it can operate as a robust, free-standing unit or be securely mounted to a wall, while its modularity allows you to completely define how your kiosk looks and operates.

With a minimum order quantity of one, even the smallest restaurant can benefit from this solution!


Hola profits

Hola Pollo, an independent Peruvian restaurant based at Brunel University is a case in point. Having installed two wall-mounted EV Serve units in the restaurant foyer, Hola Pollo has already seen a large increase in average order value, a reduction in queues and a smoother kitchen operation, allowing the restaurant to serve customers more quickly and efficiently.


The self-service revolution isn’t limited to the juggernauts of QSR. With consumer demand for self-service and digital interaction rising, now is the time for small chain and independent restaurants to grasp the opportunity with both hands.


So, give us a call. Or, if you’re in the UK, why not come and visit our showroom just outside Liverpool? We’re a friendly bunch and we make a nice coffee!