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How can digital kiosks increase your revenue?

Digital kiosks have revolutionised the face of retail as we know it. For many, digital kiosks are seen simply as a convenient solution to problems of overworked staff, slow processes and a need for increased customer engagement. However, as well as providing solutions...

Where is the future of digital signage going?

Signage, in today’s world, has become digital. Of course, certain billboards, signposts and posters remain, but the majority of our signage on the high street has become digital. The advantages of this digital signage are innumerable: with flexible, adaptable signage,...

Disrupting retail with digital signage

Nowadays, we’ve become more and more used to seeing digital signage in the world of retail. It’s clear that retail is undergoing a digital transformation: whether that’s the advent of self-service kiosks, digital screens, or even Endless Aisle technology. From...

How can shops use digital display screens effectively?

Digital display screens are a common sight nowadays. Reaching more customers than Facebook or the internet (yes, you read that right) in certain parts of the Western world, digital display screens are an immediate and effective way in which to communicate to...

What are the different options for a digital kiosk?

Digital solutions are fast becoming the answer to age-old problems of achieving consistently excellent customer service, as well as communicating quickly and concisely with an audience. When was the last time you noticed a digital signage solution? If you’re casting...

What is Digital Signage?

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is all around us, used by businesses worldwide to entertain, persuade and inform both existing and potential customers. You might encounter several examples throughout your day: reading a digital menu board in a café or restaurant, viewing an...

The Future of Restaurant Technology

The Future of Restaurant Technology

In an ever more competitive sector, we know that restaurateurs need to stay relevant, so how can you take advantage of the many opportunities that technology presents?

RFID for Retail

RFID for Retail

Used by retailers for functions such as stock accuracy and identification, RFID can be deployed in a retail environment in innovative ways. Find out how retailers can use RFID in store.