Team Evoke would like to wish our staff, customers, partners, suppliers and friends a very happy Thanksgiving! This year we opened up our office in the USA so we’re excited to join our American counterparts in the spirit of gratitude this holiday season.

At evoke HQ we’re holding a week-long Thanksgiving event to encourage our team to think about things they’re grateful for, including hosting a fundraising day for our nominated charity Claire House Children’s Hospice, giving ‘Kudos’ to other employees to encourage gratitude and positivity, and a ‘Pay it Forward’ challenge to encourage staff to do good deeds for each other and for charity!

Evoke would not be the company that it is without our incredible team of staff; our employees create the culture of Evoke and have been instrumental in helping us to feature on top employer lists including Insider North West’s Most Exciting Companies and Made in the UK’s Manufacturer of the Year.

As a people-centric business, we believe it’s important to focus on employee wellbeing and ensure staff feel appreciated. In recent years we’ve set up a Staff Council, offered access to health insurance and our online HR system (BreatheHR) allows staff send ‘Kudos’ to team members across the organization as positive feedback that the whole company can see.

This week, we are encouraging our team to send more thanks than ever to say well done for going the extra mile, providing awesome customer service, being kind, thoughtful or being a great team player. We’re running a ‘Kudos’ leaderboard too, which helps us recognize who really is going over and above, and who has handed out the most thanks!

On our internal digital communication screens, we are running a ‘Pay it Forward’ challenge – with ideas for good deeds to spread positivity. The concept of paying it forward is the opposite of payback; when someone does a good deed for you, instead of paying it back, you pay it forward to another person with no expectation of the favour being returned. Some ideas that we’ve come up with for paying it forward in the workplace include making a cuppa for a colleague, helping someone with tasks if they are looking frazzled, and teaching someone a new skill. Helping one another at work fosters a sense of community and breeds positivity.

We will be rounding off our week with a fundraising day to boost our charitable contributions to Claire House Children’s Hospice, our nominated charity for 2019. So far this year we have fundraised over £5000, but will be adding to this total with a Thanksgiving-themed bake sale as well as other fun activities.  Learn more about Claire House here.

Finally, in the spirit of giving thanks, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers and partners for their custom this year. We value the partnerships that we foster with our clients and look forward to plenty more exciting projects in 2020!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!