Take a look inside our HQ building in Bromborough, Wirral!

One of the best things about our new HQ is being able to share it with colleagues, friends, family, clients, suppliers and business contacts. For anyone who can’t get over to see us, we’ve put together a video preview!

Evoke HQ in Bromborough, Wirral is our new company premises. At the purpose-built Power Station Business Park, completed in late 2017, we now have four units – housing our offices, showroom, warehouse, factory and a range of flexible social and meeting spaces. When we started looking for our new premises, we had an idea of the location we needed to stay in (transport links and the majority of our staff living locally were key contributors) and also a clear vision for the type of space we’d need to combine the efficient manufacture of our products with the design-led thinking that we are known for.

As our 5th premises move in 15 years to support our exponential growth, we wanted to make this move our last for a while. We designed a space that could continue to grow with the business, at a scale to support our ambitions. Unlike a design-only consultancy, our space had to combine the practicalities of large-scale warehousing and manufacturing with 35 staff on the factory floor and office accommodation for 44 and counting

We moved into our new spaces in January 2018 having spent over a year designing and planning how we wanted our organisation to work within the building which was under construction by Redsun Developments. From an empty shell, we configured the layout and complete interior design ourselves, working with the architect, contractors and developers to create the ideal structure for how we wanted to work including mezzanines, a bespoke staircase and a range of spaces for offices, meetings and communal areas. We were hands-on throughout the project, building some of the fixtures ourselves and doing plenty of heavy lifting!

Our day job is designing and manufacturing world leading digital solutions for well known global brands, but our new building lets us be more than that. We’re developing new software, trying out new ideas and becoming a company that people aspire to work for.

In our new HQ, our staff have more space around their desks, opportunities to work in our social spaces and a range of project and R&D areas where they can research, plan and experiment. Just in time for the heatwave, we also set up an “evoke green” – a large outdoor space with seats, games and a communal BBQ. Planned as a break-out space, we’ve also noticed team meetings and one to ones taking place there as well.