Best of British cakes – made to order at Tesco Famous for cakes, pastries and artisan bread in their native Islington, Euphorium Bakery jump-started their expansion with a partnership with global grocery giant Tesco. A key feature of their concessions in Tesco stores would be a self-order kiosk for customers to create, order and pay for personalised celebration cakes. With the market for both personalisation and baking ever increasing, customer demand now exists for a convenient way to incorporate a one-off cake order within their regular supermarket trip.

We designed both the kiosk and product management software, providing a one-stop solution to Euphorium’s brief, including supply, delivery, installation and support. The customer can view, choose, customise, purchase and arrange pick up of their cake while the kiosk sends the order directly to the bakery and generates real-time information on performance and trends. Operating at multiple locations within range of the M25, the Euphorium kiosks have reduced waiting time in store, allowed staff to focus on serving bakery counter customers rather than taking orders, and reduced the risk of misunderstanding or human error taking the order. Remote access means special offers and updates can be programmed in to kiosks from a central location and the performance of each unit can be split out using simple analytics.

The success of this initial collaboration between Tesco and Euphorium has led to “The Bakery Project” – an initiative to revolutionise the everyday supermarket bakery range.